Beware of "rented" diplomas in job applications!

Do you question the reliability of the documents presented by candidates during the hiring process? Especially regarding diplomas, there have been many recent cases of illegal claims. So, how can you determine if the diploma presented to you actually belongs to the candidate?

Due to unemployment and competitive conditions, some people try to obtain university diplomas through illegal means to find jobs more easily. Unfortunately, we see in the news that even ODTÜ diplomas are being sold for as little as 500 TL. The demand for fake diplomas in Turkey has increased so much that such transactions, which previously took place in the dark corners of the internet, can now be found in all layers of the open web. There are even special communication and advertising channels for organizations specializing in document forgery on social media.

Fake and rental diplomas to “show family” and to “use in the corporate world”

We often come across cases where fake versions of documents such as diplomas, criminal record certificates and identity cards are used for malicious purposes. However, another increasingly common practice in recent years is diploma rental. People who have graduated from a university properly but have rented or sold their own diplomas due to various financial reasons are also widely seen. To the extent that in addition to original diplomas in many fields such as engineering, teaching, nursing and pharmacy, certificates of expertise such as master instructor driving licenses and hairdressing are now either being sold or rented for personal use or to show to their families.

The use of rented diplomas is also common in critical jobs

With a simple internet search, it is possible to come across advertisements of people who rent or sell such diplomas, certificates, and licenses. In fact, most people openly state why they want to rent a diploma when making a request. People who rent their diplomas to others also advertise their diplomas by saying "notarized, barcoded, and from a good university."

Some of the advertisements that highlight the severity of the situation on social media:

- "A machine engineering diploma is required for the site management."

- "My Electrical Engineering Diploma and Elevator Authorized Service Technical Supervisor Certificate are for rent."

- "My Food Technician diploma is for rent. I graduated in 2008. I rented it for a well-known company before, and it is compliant with the regulations."

- "Chemist diploma for rent for all sectors."

- "I have an anesthesia technician diploma. I want to rent it in Izmir."

Unfortunately, many advertisements like these show the extent of diploma fraud in our country. Hiring unqualified and unverified personnel puts both companies and customers at risk. Companies' reputations are also damaged by fake and rented diplomas.

To manage employee-related risks, companies need to properly vet job candidates. Checking the validity of local/foreign diplomas, certificates, criminal records, etc. by only performing a barcode check is not sufficient. Similarly, the content and source of the document must also be verified.

Use FinalCheck to detect documet fraud!

FinalCheck allows documents provided by candidates to be digitally verified on a single screen within seconds. This prevents document fraud that is difficult to detect by human eyes.

Candidate documents such as local and foreign university diplomas, criminal records, and professional certificates are easily examined and verified through comprehensive digital control mechanisms. Additionally, employers can request specific research based on the candidate's position requirements through FinalCheck.

By digitizing the final step of the hiring process, this system makes it much safer for companies to manage employee-related risks. Now, with FinalCheck, companies can protect both their employees and customers.

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