Why is "Background Check" important in hiring?

While the pros and cons of remote work are being discussed, one of the biggest changes in this process has been the shift of recruitment processes to digital. The most important method for verifying the accuracy of information in digital recruitment processes is "Background Check"!

With the impact of the pandemic, the digital transformation of companies has been accelerated, and the importance of monitoring remote work practices has increased. In addition, employers are conducting their interviews with job candidates online. Most of the time, HR specialists complete the hiring process without meeting the candidate in person. With the increasing access to technology and digital manipulation techniques, the personnel-related risks brought about by online HR processes are also increasing. Approximately 77% of HR professionals acknowledge that due to the remote work arrangements that have become part of our lives during the pandemic, the risks of employee fraud and abuse may increase.

Document fraud and false declaration risk in employment

Companies can face serious legal and financial problems and damage their reputation due to fake IDs and driver's licenses, altered diplomas and criminal records, professional certifications with unknown sources, and similar documents declared during the hiring process. In addition, it is critical to investigate whether the candidate has any reputational, commercial, or legal issues that could pose a risk to the company.
Just like there are many examples of document fraud and fraud in the world, it is also possible to see such examples in our country. Since 1997, there have been many news reports in various news channels in our country that contain only fake diploma news. Today, there are websites actively selling fake diplomas and certificates on the internet.

"Background Check" is very important to manage personnel-related risks

According to a global survey conducted recently, employment document fraud has increased by 30% compared to previous years since the beginning of the pandemic. With the increasing risks of fraud and misconduct, many companies emphasize the importance of "Background Check," which is the personnel verification and investigation policy.
Through the background check process applied in recruitment processes, companies ensure the safety of their employees and customers, as well as improve the quality of their hires. In this way, companies can manage personnel-related risks more effectively.

Manual verification and investigation methods may not prevent human error

The biggest challenges for HR experts and corporate security departments in background check procedures are the time-consuming process, the accuracy of the information obtained, and the operational costs. Due to the difficulties of background check procedures in recruitment and job change processes, some companies may overlook this process, and only become aware of the risks after an incident of fraud occurs. Unfortunately, in our country, background checks are used as an "investigation" method after a risky event rather than a "preventive" method.
Most companies manually check candidates' identity, criminal records, diplomas, and other information, but many fraudulent documents have details that are difficult to notice with the naked eye. Employers may not be able to detect that a document they believed to be verified during manual checks is actually a well-prepared fraudulent document.
In addition to document verification, researching whether the candidate may pose any reputational, financial, or legal risks to the company is also important. Having accurate information about candidates who will work in sensitive positions can prevent companies from encountering fraud cases in the future.
Considering all these factors, it can be said that personnel verification and investigation procedures have become one of the most critical needs for institutions dealing with background check procedures during the pandemic (and beyond) to be provided in the shortest time and at a reasonable cost.
It should not be forgotten that background checks protect both employers and employees.

The "Background Check" service used in recruitment processes around the world is now available in Turkey with FinalCheck!

Developed through a partnership between Kariyer.net, Turkey's largest employment platform, and My Security Analytics, a leading company in the field of security analytics, FinalCheck provides a solution to the needs of Human Resources and Corporate Security Departments.
Documents provided by candidates can be digitally verified in seconds through a single screen, which also prevents document forgery that is difficult to detect by human eye. Additionally, employers can request special investigations based on the position requirements of the candidate through FinalCheck.
By digitizing the final step of the hiring process, this system makes it much safer and easier for companies to manage employee-related risks. Now, with FinalCheck, companies can protect both their employees and customers.
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