Although companies have similar common structures and needs, they still require custom-made solutions. We design our services by examining the sector-specific dynamics of your company as well as its internal factors.

Our consultancy services enable you to effectively manage internal and external risks that may arise from your company, employees, and business partners. Our team of expert consultants utilizes advanced analysis methods and periodic reporting arrangements to help you detect, improve, predict, and manage your risks.

We offer end-to-end services and consultations to establish and properly manage corporate security structures, providing comprehensive support throughout the process.

Our Methodology

Detect Client Needs

We conduct an assessment meeting to understand the problems and establish targets.

Research and Discover

Our advisors and analysts carry out a thorough investigation to find the best solution to match your needs.

Data Collection and Analysis

Our experts assess and locate the right information using advanced analytical approaches and global databases.


Extensive reports are created to turn data into valuable information.

Employee Background Screening

We enable you to obtain accurate information about your job candidates before hiring them.

Business Resilience

We help you make your business processes secure by ensuring the continuity and sustainability of your company's operations.

Emergency and Crisis Management

We provide support for creating the necessary processes to ensure business continuity and protect your employees in the event of possible emergency/disaster situations.

Soft Due-Diligence

We help you protect your company with our verification and research services on supplier and business partners.

Physical Security Risk Assessment

We evaluate the security risks of your company's physical locations, assets, employees, and customers and help you take necessary precautions.

Black Market Research

We help you discover unauthorized and illegal uses of your product/brand across all layers of the web

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