Physical Security Risk Assessment

We help you manage your physical security risks by analyzing the factors that could pose a risk to your organization.

We provide support for predicting, detecting, monitoring, and investigating potential breaches or attacks by accurately analyzing data collected from various sources related to the management of physical security risks for your assets and employees.


Currently, organizations largely rely on human security and electronic security (CCTV systems, alarms, building access systems, etc.) to meet their physical security needs. There are approximately 300,000 active security guards in Turkey.

In addition to tens of thousands of buildings, roads, residences, and facilities that are recorded by security cameras with different systems. Unfortunately, monitoring so many cameras, alarms, and recording systems in real-time is practically impossible.

Traditional physical security policies are predominantly reactive.

Our Physical Security Risk Assessment Service, aims to provide a proactive approach to your organization.

Initiating physical security applications without conducting risk assessments will often lead to unnecessary expenses and security vulnerabilities

Within this scope, we help you protect your organization by providing you with experienced consultants that will enhance your approach to physical security measures.

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