The Last Step of the Hiring Process:



Specialized reports requested through the FinalCheck system:

Commercial Background Check: FinalCheck analysts examine whether the has current affiliations with other commercial companies in Turkey or around the world, and investigate conflicts of interest.

Open Source Intelligence and Adverse Media Check: All layers of the open web are scanned to detect risky behaviours that may affect your company’s reputation and culture.

AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Risk Check: Over 1.500 Blacklist and Sanctions lists are scanned to combat anti-money laundering.

Stay compliant with regulations and legislations.

All processes of FinalCheck are designed to comply with relevant legal regulations such as KVKK (Personal Data Protection Law), GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and Labor Law.

Additionally, FinalCheck is aligned with your organization's policies and procedures. . All data that you add or access on the FinalCheck system is processed, stored, and deleted in compliance with legal regulations using appropriate measures and procedures.

Did you know that employee document fraud has increased by 30% worldwide after the pandemic?

Forged identity documents and tampered driver's licenses
Fake diplomas
Fake criminal record documents
Certificates from unknown sources

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