Employee Background Screening

Did you know that globally $700 billion is lost each year due to fradulent activities during the hiring process?

The most effective process in managing harmful risks that may arise from staff, whether permanent or contracted, in companies and institutions is to conduct background checks on job applicants before they are hired. Issues such as fake diplomas, certificates, altered criminal records, false identity and residency information disclosed during the hiring process need to be closely monitored.

Verifying the information provided by the candidate before or during the trial period is crucial, as failure to do so could result in risks, losses and damage to the reputation of the company.

As My Security Analytics, we provide you with the necessary verification and investigations (background check) in compliance with the rules to minimize the risks associated with the people you bring into your organization.

Within the scope of the Employee Background Check service we offer:

  • The creation and management of your "background check" policies,
  • The verification of candidate/employee documents and information,
  • Conducting private investigations according to the needs of the position.
If you need a digital, reliable, and fast solution for your Employee Background Check processes, we recommend you to take a look at our product, FinalCheck.

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