Emergency and Crisis Management

In situations such as natural disasters, fires, war, terrorism, riots, widespread pandemics, cyber attacks, and similar events, it is critical that all processes and infrastructure are prepared to handle emergencies and ensure the continuation of services without interruption.

We offer consultancy and training services with our experienced and professional experts to create the processes that provide this resilience, implement them, and create awareness among all employees.


Our Emergency and Crisis Management Service consists of 4 categories:

Emergency Assessment Service

Critical business processes, emergency infrastructures, previous emergency-based work and material purchases are reviewed.

The structure of communication during emergencies and disasters is checked. Additionally, emergency risks that could negatively affect the institution's operations, assets, employees, and business continuity are identified.

After analyzing the documents, the findings are presented to top management as a report. Following the Risk Analysis studies, a corrective action plan is developed within a specific time frame.

Capacity Enhancement (Training) Services

In addition to the current training programs carried out within the institution, we increase the training capacity for managers, emergency response personnel, and standard employees.

  • Top Management Seminars
  • Incident Site Manager Training
  • Basic Fire Training
  • Office Rescue Training
  • Evacuation Management Training
  • Disaster Preparedness Seminar

Consultancy Services

We organize workshops with the relevant teams for the preparation of plans and procedures for disasters and emergencies.

  • Determination of Emergency policy, objectives, and procedures
  •  Establishment of Emergency Management System
  • Establishment of Emergency Communication Hierarchy

Drills & Exercise Services

We visit your company and create drill plans tailored to your needs, based on risk analysis results, to measure your company's capacity and competence against different types of emergencies.

  • Desk Drills
  • Physical Drills
  • Communication Chain Test Exercises

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