Black Market Research

Discover unauthorized and illicit uses of your product and brand on all layers of the web.

Are you aware of the black market activities surrounding your brand and products?


Many fake, smuggled, and illicit versions of products are being sold in different markets. Malicious individuals and organizations tend to use cyber platforms as unofficial sales channels to generate illegal income. This situation not only damages your company's brand value but can also lead to significant financial losses and legal problems.

At My Security Analytics (MySA), we have developed the Black Market Research service to help you prevent your products from being marketed and sold illegally on social media,e-commerce sites, and platforms like the deep & dark web, rather than through official and authorized sales channels.

What is Black Market Research?

Detect, monitor and control your brand's black market presence.

Black Market Research is designed by MySA to help companies understand if there is any unauthorized activity on cyber platforms related to their products and take action accordingly. Our experts use advanced analysis techniques to periodically monitor a product or brand anddetect unauthorized market activities to achieve healthy and effective results.

Our research methods make it possible to identify and predict possible unauthorized and illicit sales activities. Therefore, the findings provide a stronger control mechanism for your brand's general strategy in the active market

How is Black Market Research conducted?

MySA analysts periodically perform "X-rays" on all layers of cyber platforms related to the target product, user, and market to profile the activities.

  • The volume and value of the target product/market are analyzed.
  • Estimated and potential losses caused by unauthorized and illicit market activities are identified.
  • Black Market Research results are compared with official government reports.
  • Unauthorized and illegal sales channels related to your products are identified and analyzed.
  • The density, usage profiles, and preference rates of target products/markets on cyber platforms (Clear web, Deep web, and Dark web) are determined.

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