Business Resilience

One of the most critical issues for your company or organization is to ensure the continuity of your services under any circumstances. To achieve this, we help you make your company operational under any condition and lay the necessary foundations for your processes to be managed in a healthy way.

We review your current Business Continuity Management (BCM) structures with our expert consulting team. We perform maturity level analysis and GAP analysis of your processes. After the assessment, we determine action plans that are suitable for your needs and ensure that you take the necessary steps correctly.


Our BCM Management Consulting Service includes:

Reviewing your current organizational structure, examining your relevant policies, procedures, and plans, identifying any deficiencies, checking if your scenarios are compatible with the current strategy and conditions, ensuring the determining the maturity levels of your physical and digital environments in all locations of your organization, compatibility of your processes such as Human Resources/CRM.

The plans that can be provided after the Process Maturity Assessment and GAP Analysis studies are as follows:

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